Discover the Word Count for Each and Every One of Your Posts Without Leaving the WordPress Admin Area

Post Admin Word Count

The Post Admin Word Count plugin by Jon Bishop adds an extra column to the post admin screen so you can quickly see the word count for each of your posts (it doesn't work for pages), be they published, draft or trash. It hasn't been updated in nearly two years, so you may come across some incompatibility issues. However, I'm running the latest version of WordPress and the Genesis framework and … [Read more...]

8 Easily Actionable Ideas to Improve Your Blog or Website


It's Friday and I'm currently updating the DIY site I manage. It's a big job requiring hours of editing, creating Amazon/affiliate links and looking for images for posts that don't have them and better ones for those that do  (for which I mostly use I won't finish it by end of play today. In fact I won't finish it by next Friday, or the Friday after that. The work is ongoing. … [Read more...]

How to Stop the Spider Crawling Your Site and Distorting Data


Hey! Just scroll to the update near the bottom of the post, the method in the top half doesn't work any more... We're all used to spiders crawling our websites. Usually they do their stuff in the background and don't affect referral data in Google Analytics and similar programs. Recently, I noticed an exception to this: a spider making daily excursions around my sites that distorts the … [Read more...]

How to Stop Yourself Falling for the Next Push-Button Solution that will Make you Millions While you Sleep


I'm fidgeting in my seat. I'm watching a digital version of an analogue clock on the screen of my laptop  move closer to its goal. One. Second. At. A. Time. There's 57 minutes left for me to save 60% on a $197 service. That's a BIG saving. I'm so tempted to click on the Buy Now! button. It seems everyone is using this product right now. It must be working. It must be making … [Read more...]

Quickly and Easily Resize One, Some or All Images on a WordPress Website


Regenerate Thumbnails is a plugin you will need at some time during your blogging career. I first used it several years ago, when I changed the theme on a now defunct blog. The width of the site changed, and I needed a way to quickly resize all images to match the new dimensions. The thought of editing each post filled me with dread, and the thought of using this plugin to automate the … [Read more...]

How to Add Google Analytics to a WordPress Blog Running the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

Adding Google Analytics to a WordPress website running the Genesis framework is really, really simple. Genesis has its own sub-menu in WordPress's main menu, so click on Genesis, and choose Theme Settings from the sub-menu: Scroll to the bottom of the theme settings page to find the area for header and footer scripts. Get the Google Analytics tracking ID from your account and paste it … [Read more...]

How to Sign Up for Google Analytics and Create the Tracking Code you Need for Your Website or Blog

Analytics Latte

In this post you will learn how to sign up for Google Analytics and create the tracking code you need to install on your website/blog. GA is the industry standard program for gathering information about your website's visitors. It's free to use, very easy to install, and within 24 hours or so you will start seeing data that enables you to get a better understanding of how your site is … [Read more...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Registering and Managing a Domain Name

In the first post of this mini-series, I covered the basics of researching and choosing a domain name. In this post, I'll be covering how to buy a domain name. It sounds easy, and it is, but there options and processes to get your head around so you don't make any mistakes that later cost you time or money. You typically have two options: Buy a domain name as a single entity and attach it … [Read more...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Domain Name

Lean Domain Search

This is the first post in a short mini-series for people who are starting their first website or blog, whether it's for business or pleasure. I remember how I struggled to get my head around domains and hosting when I created my first website. I hope this short series of posts is useful for total newbies, and guides you through the sometimes shady world of domain names and hosting. A domain … [Read more...]

Would you Spend £18,000 on a Brand Spanking New Website?


Quite a few years ago I met this guy who spent £18,000 on a brand new speed-dating website. He put so much money into the design and build, he had virtually nothing left for marketing his speed-dating events. He turned to an SEO company, who in turn SEOd the site and did their best to achieve the rankings he needed to generate business. Sometimes SEO works slowly, sometimes it works very … [Read more...]